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About Robin Curtis


Robin tenaciously serves and protects her buyers’ and sellers’ best interests while engaging them with her infectious sense of humor and “kind and caring” personality.

Employing everything from good old fashioned letter writing campaigns to the latest internet marketing strategies, Robin and her career tool box strive to guide her clients to real estate success. Without a doubt, several sales in her portfolio would not have occurred without her unorthodox “outside the box” approach. And Robin brings an uncompromising integrity to every real estate transaction. Not only do her clients welcome her call, but fellow real estate colleagues do, as well. All know she can be trusted to do as she says, deliver timely updates throughout the process, maintain her composure when things go sideways and hustle the extra mile when necessary.

Real estate transactions are most often driven by a life event, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. Robin offers her clients her support, expertise and discretion throughout the process, no matter the life circumstance.
Robin’s support comes in many ways. She invests time with you to listen to your needs and goals and to educate and familiarize you with the buying/selling process. She offers referrals to other industry professionals, the experts you’ll need to succeed along the way. She’ll deliver timely and respectful communications throughout the real estate buying and selling experience. Robin appreciates that dropping a line to say, there is no news today can be just as reassuring as we’re clear to close!
Her expertise is demonstrated by her careful and thorough research, informing her clients of the current market and how their home will perform. Robin generates exceptional photography, print and virtual media in the presentation of her sellers’ homes be they modest or luxurious. Her profession as an actor and writer enhance her artful expression in the written word. Representing a custom homebuilder broadened her knowledge of a home’s construction and design enabling her to offer her clients insights as to maintenance issues or renovation ideas.
Clients benefit from her expertise as an experienced and determined negotiator. She knows when to push and when to capitulate, always striving for the fair and equitable solution. Robin is driven to garner the best price for her clients because she understands their home will be the dearest financial transaction they’ll ever make.
Robin would like to express her sincerest gratitude to her exceptionally loyal clientele for their personal referrals and repeat business.